Tooth-Coloured and White Fillings

Tooth-Coloured and White Fillings

In Dentistry today we are fortunate to have available to us several tooth-coloured materials to restore teeth. Dental Porcelain is used to restore teeth needing stronger, more durable restorations like crowns and onlays. However, some teeth only have small cavities that need a simple filling. The tooth-coloured option for these simple fillings is called ‘Composite Resin’.

Composite Resins: Tooth-coloured or ‘White’ Dental Fillings

Composite Resin is a tooth-coloured plastic that is bonded to teeth during the filling process. The Composite Resin is a soft paste, and can be moulded into the cavity to fill the void left behind once decay has been removed. Once the shape of the filling paste is correct, the dentist will use a bright blue light to harden the Composite Resin filling.

Composite Resin is available in many natural tooth-coloured shades, and can be matched to your individual teeth, providing a seamless, invisible restoration.

Composite Resin is not strong enough to use in every situation and your dentist will always advise you of your options so that you can make the choice that is right for you.

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