Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Eligible Children Are Welcome At Our Two Practices

The Corinna Dental Group participate in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and are pleased to welcome eligible children to our two conveniently located practices. Treatment is provided under the Schedule on a bulk billing basis, meaning there is no gap to pay for eligible children.

About The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a $2.7 billion measure that will provide a Commonwealth-funded capped benefit entitlement for basic dental services for children.

Around 3.4 million children aged 2-17 in families who meet a means test will be eligible for benefits each year. This means the test will be the same as the existing Medicare Teen Dental Plan (MTDP), which requires receipt of Family Tax Benefit Part A or other certain government payments.

What Treatment is Included in the Program?

Services for basic dental treatment, such as checkups, x-rays, fillings and extractions, will be included in the CDBS. High-end services, such as orthodontic treatment, are not included. The total benefit entitlement will be capped at $1052 per child over a two-year period; however, eligibility will need to be determined.

How Do I Know if I am Eligible for the CDBS?

A child is eligible if they are:

  • eligible for Medicare
  • aged 0-17 years at any point in the calendar year, and
  • receive a relevant Australian government payment, such as Family Tax Benefit Part A, at any point in the calendar year.

Services Australia assesses a child’s eligibility from the start of each calendar year and routinely check for newly eligible children. A notification of eligibility will be sent to the child or their parent/guardian either by post or electronically through MyGov.

You can check a child’s eligibility online through Health Professional Online Services or by calling Services Australia on 132 150 (call charges may apply).

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