Happy Gas

Happy Gas

Happy Gas: Helps you to relax during dental treatment

  • Happy Gas is used to help people feel more relaxed and at ease during their dental appointment
  • It is an odourless gas that is inhaled through a mask worn over the nose during treatment
  • It can be requested by people of all ages for any dental procedure
  • It is also sometimes called “Laughing Gas”
  • The effects of the gas wear off quickly, making it possible to return to your regular daily activities immediately after your appointment

Read on for more information about Happy Gas at Corinna Dental.

What is Happy Gas?

Happy Gas is an inhalational relaxant that is used in dentistry to help the patient relax during treatment.

How is it used?

If you choose to have Happy Gas during your appointment, you will first be fitted with a mask that sits over your nose. A mixture of gas and oxygen will flow through the mask, so you’ll simply breathe it in. There is no unusual taste or smell associated with the gas.

Your dentist will carefully adjust the amount of gas that you receive so that you experience relaxation and mild dissociation from your surroundings.

If you are nervous about dentistry, the benefits are quite clear: your nervousness will be reduced and you may be able to forget, or at least no longer be concerned about your treatment.

How long do the effects of Happy Gas last?

The therapeutic effects only last for as long as the gas is being breathed in.

Once your treatment is complete, your dentist will stop the flow of the gas and allow only oxygen to flow through the mask. You’ll quickly notice that the effects of the gas have disappeared. Soon afterwards, the mask will be removed, and you’ll be back to breathing room air.

You’ll then be able to leave the practice and get on with your regular daily chores. It’s safe to drive or to return to work (unless your dentist advises otherwise).

Is Happy Gas safe?

In Australia, Happy Gas is a restricted therapeutic agent, which means it can only be administered by a dental, medical or veterinary practitioner during normal therapeutic procedures. Like all medications, there is a potential for side effects, adverse interactions with other medications and unpredictable outcomes.

To reduce the risks, your dentist will ensure that they have asked you about your health history and the medications that you are currently taking. It is important that you share this information with your dentist before your treatment.

If your dentist is concerned that you might experience an adverse reaction to the gas, they will let you know and discuss other methods of sedation that will carry less risk.

Can I have Happy Gas for my treatment?

If you are considering Happy Gas for your appointment, please let your dentist know. As long as there is no likely risk to your health or well-being, your dentist will be happy to provide it during your appointment.

Happy Gas is available at Corinna Dental Woden.

Your questions are always welcome: please call your nearest Corinna Dental location.

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