Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is also called Root Canal Therapy or ‘Endodontics’, which means ‘inside the tooth’. All of these terms describe treatment that is done to save a tooth that has inflammation, infection or an abscess deep inside it. The only alternative treatment is removal of the tooth: an extraction.

Teeth become irreversibly inflamed, infected or abscessed when bacteria and their toxins move from the outside of the tooth, through the enamel and into the hollow that contains the nerves and blood vessels that keep the tooth alive. This can happen when teeth are deeply decayed or fractured. Bacteria and their toxins can destroy this delicate internal tissue, and the tooth can become very painful as a result.

The Process of Root Canal Treatment, Therapy or Endodontics

Root Canal Treatment is generally performed over several visits. The objective of the treatment is to firstly remove the bacteria and toxins from what can sometimes be a very complex internal network of tiny canals and spaces inside the tooth, and secondly to fill the void that is left inside the tooth. Sometimes the treatment requires a specialist’s intervention, in which case we arrange a referral to our Endodontist of choice.

Often a tooth that has had Root Canal Treatment needs reinforcement afterwards with a dental crown. Sometimes front teeth become discoloured after root canal treatment, and need to be whitened via bleach or a restoration like a veneer or crown. Your dentist will certainly discuss this with you during your appointments.

Some people greatly fear Root Canal Treatment as unfortunately it has received some bad press over the years. We understand that many patients may fear or feel anxious undergoing such a treatment and for this reason we offer options such as happy gas and sleep dentistry. To learn more about these techniques visit our page “Nervous About Dental Visits” here.

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