Dentures- Removable Prostheses

Dentures-Removable Prostheses

Dentures are a prosthetic, non-permanent solution for missing teeth. There are several different types of denture available. Dentures may be ‘Full Dentures’, replacing an entire upper or lower arch of teeth, or they may be ‘Partial Dentures’, replacing one or more missing teeth.

Dentures are not permanently fixed to teeth (like a bridge) or integrated into the jaw (like an implant): rather they are removable, resting on the gums and often clipped onto remaining teeth. Thus dentures are very easy to remove and clean.

Dentures are generally considered to be less comfortable than the other options to replace missing teeth as they are somewhat bulkier that the alternatives and may ‘slide’ around in the mouth. However, many patients find they are completely satisfied and comfortable with their dentures, and technology and improved materials certainly means that modern dentures are far superior than what was available in the past.

Your dentist will be happy to discuss with you whether dentures are a suitable option for your situation.

Making a Denture

Simple impressions are taken by the dentist and the denture is made by our chosen dental technician. The teeth on the denture are selected based on the colour and shape of your natural teeth. We always endeavour to make dentures look as natural as possible.

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