Who Is In The Room For An Intravenous Sedation Dentistry Appointment?

Who Is In The Room During An Intravenous Sedation Dentistry Appointment?

The drugs that are used to sedate a patient during an IV sedation appointment have the potential to put the health of that patient at risk if they aren’t used properly. This is why the legislation of the ACT and Australia is very strict: it requires that the practitioner performing the sedation is suitably qualified, and also requires that there should always be another suitably qualified person in the room to provide additional support.

At Corinna Dental Group, Dr Chris Hardwicke administers the sedation and performs all dental procedures that are carried out under intravenous sedation. He has completed all the required trainings and certifications and some additional qualifications in related fields. We also have a registered nurse who remains present in the room throughout the appointment. Her role is to monitor and support the patient during the procedure. Dr Chris is also assisted by two qualified dental assistants. This means that there are four members of our dental team in the room to take care of each and every patient.

When we are attending to more complicated cases, a consultant anaesthetist comes in and works alongside Dr Chris. This allows us to attend to cases where there’s a higher level of need of care: there will be five people in the room, all focused on the well-being of the patient.

Often our patients will have their nearest and dearest also come into the room. This person may hold the hand of their loved one whilst the sedative drugs start to take effect. It’s reassuring for the patient to have someone there and it’s really nice for their supporter to be able to see that their loved one is comfortable before they go across the road and do some shopping.

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