What I Love About Christmas In Canberra

What I Love About Christmas In Canberra

There’s no place like home—and nothing beats being home for Christmas! Our team reflects on what Christmas means to them in this article from December 2015.

Canberra is brimming with a lot of activities during the most festive season of the year and we know that most of Canberrans will be taking a break during the holiday season.

We asked our staff what they like about spending Christmas in Canberra and below are their answers:

Dr Chris Hardwicke – Having my whole family at home. (It never “feels” like Christmas to me – as I was raised with the expectation of a cold festive period….here in Aus, it’s just summer!)

Sarah – Driving around to see the Christmas lights

Katharine – The lights in the City

Hayley – The Christmas lights in Canberra

Giovanni – Seeing the Christmas walk in Canberra city

Keely – Friends and Family being so close

Dr Geraldine Ash – Hot Weather

Stephanie – The great restaurants