What I Love About Christmas In Canberra

What I Love About Christmas In Canberra

There’s no place like home—and nothing beats being home for Christmas!

Canberra is brimming with a lot of activities during the most festive season of the year and we know that most of Canberrans will be taking a break during the holiday season.

We asked our staff what they like about spending Christmas in Canberra and below are their answers:

Dr Chris Hardwicke – Having my whole family at home. (It never “feels” like Christmas to me – as I was raised with the expectation of a cold festive period….here in Aus, it’s just summer!)

Sarah – Driving around to see the Christmas lights

Katharine – The lights in the City

Hayley – The Christmas lights in Canberra

Giovanni – Seeing the Christmas walk in Canberra city

Keely – Friends and Family being so close

Dr Geraldine Ash – Hot Weather

Stephanie – The great restaurants