[Wedding Smiles] Enhancing Your Smile With Wedding Makeup

[Wedding Smiles] Enhancing Your Smile With Wedding Makeup

When we decided to put together a smile resource for Canberra Brides we knew that it had to cover more than just information about teeth. We needed to address two other important areas: make up and photography. Trouble was, we didn’t know enough about either! It was time to call in some experts to give us a hand.

When we reached out to Jacqui Scott of JS Makeup she couldn’t have been more enthusiastic or helpful. Jacqui lives and breathes makeup, and has been helping Canberra Brides to look their best for the past 8 years. She also trains other aspiring makeup artists in her role as Senior Trainer at CMA Training.

We sat down with Jacqui to talk about makeup for Brides and the Bridal Party.


What is your recipe for creating beautiful wedding smiles?

On trend at the moment is glowing skin, bold coloured lips and lovely lashes. The choice of lip colour is important, because this enhances the Bride’s smile.

But there isn’t a single ‘recipe for success’. I look carefully at the Bride’s own style. Every Bride is an individual. Some wear fuller coverage on a daily basis, some have never worn mascara, some don’t wear makeup except on special occasions. Because of this, every ‘recipe’ is unique.

Once I’ve met the Bride and spent some time with her I can develop her colour story (colour palette). To do this, I take into consideration the Bride’s skin tone, hair and dress as well as the colours of the Bridesmaids dresses and flowers.


It’s important that the Bride stands out from the Bridesmaids. The Bridesmaids’ makeup mustn’t overpower that of the Bride. If the Bride’s style is natural and flawless, I won’t do a dramatic makeup on a Bridesmaid, even if that is her usual style. The Bridesmaids should share a colour story, which will be different to the Bride’s. The point of difference for the Bridesmaids is often the eyes or the lips. Everyone needs to look beautiful, but different.

It’s important to do a thorough consultation. This enables me to give the Bride exactly what she wants in a way that works.

Are there makeup colours or products that make teeth look brighter?

Classic red lips make teeth look brighter. Of course, there are different bases for a red lipstick- these include blue, orange and pink. Some tones can bring out a yellow hue in the teeth, which is what we want to avoid!

Nude and brown shades of lipstick will also enhance yellow hues in the teeth.

Even though red is a great colour for teeth, it’s a high maintenance colour. If the Bride doesn’t want red, berry pinks work well too.


How can everyone avoid getting lipstick on their teeth?

By using a technique made famous by Elle Macpherson on the Oprah show. After lipstick has been applied, shape your mouth like an ‘O’. Put your clean index finger into the ‘O’ and pull it out while your lips are closed around it. This removes the lipstick from the inside of your lips. It works every time!

What should the bridal party do to remove kiss marks from relatives without ruining their makeup?

Wedding makeup is ‘event makeup’: it has to last the entire day, so it needs to be protected. It’s best to avoid contact with the face, so I’d recommend air kisses.

What is your favourite wedding story about smiling?

I don’t have a particular wedding story about smiling, but I can say that the makeup reveal is always a special moment. The Bride’s smile comes from within, sometimes she’ll even get teary. She looks so beautiful and is so happy. I really love that reaction!

We’ve spoken about the Bride and her Bridesmaids. What about the Mother Of The Bride?

Many MOBs are unsure about whether they should also have their makeup done professionally. They are a very important part of the wedding party, and it’s important that they look and feel their best. Around 50% of MOBs will have their makeup done professionally.

Like Brides, MOBs vary in their comfort levels around makeup, so I’ll only ever do what they are comfortable with. I generally recommend a flawless, polished look- not heavy (unless MOB is comfortable with that). A pared-back, ‘less-is-more’ makeup can be very flattering.

Most Important Tips For The Big Day?

  • Select your makeup artist carefully. Make sure you’ve seen images of their work before you engage them.
  • The consultation process is critical. Always have a trial makeup done first, before the big day.
  • Trust your professional makeup artist and listen to their advice
  • Remember that Wedding Makeup is Event Makeup. It’s cleaner, sharper makeup than you usually wear, and blended with a better technique than your daily makeup
  • Your wedding day is a long day- protect your makeup!

What colour toothbrush do you use?

I use an electric toothbrush, a Colgate Sensitive


Jacqui is a contributor to our resource: A Canberra Bride’s Guide To A Beautiful Wedding Smile.

Jacqui ScottJacqui Scott has specialised in wedding makeup in Canberra since 2008. As well as running JS Makeup, she is a senior trainer at CMA Training (5 years)

She has a background in photography, which gives her a great insight to the needs of the bridal party’s makeup

Website: JS Makeup

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Instagram: @jacquiscottmakeup