The Toothbrushing Habits of the Swedish

The Tooth Brushing Habits of the Swedish

A group of Americans recently did poorly in an oral test survey- check out this page for those results. The most recent to join the club of those who need to brush up on their Dental IQ are the Swedes.

Researchers of the University of Gothenburg revealed that while almost all Swedes brush their teeth,  not everyone does it effectively. In a survey of 2013 Swedes, results show that only one in 10 knows how to brush properly.

Other interesting results from the study:

  • Women under 35 brush their teeth the best
  • One in four Swedes believes that the main task of fluoride is to keep the mouth fresh
  • 70 per cent of adult Swedes have never been informed of the best way to use toothpaste

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