How To Navigate Your Supermarket's Aisle Of Confusion

How To Navigate Your Supermarket’s Aisle Of Confusion

So it’s time to change your toothbrush. You go to the supermarket, head to the dental care aisle, and are welcomed by a gamut of oral health care choices — toothbrushes with all manner of bristles- soft, medium, extra long medium, slim soft zigzag, battery-operated, power brushes; toothpastes of all kind- whitening, cavity protection, 12-hour protection, sensitive care; and then there’s the floss- plain, minty, waxed, silk, pre-cut and set into a disposable holder…the choices are endless!

Figure looks at a maze, representing the toothbrush aisle in the supermarket

No wonder the toothbrush aisle is called the ‘Aisle of Confusion’! And no wonder consumers are baffled which items are essential for oral hygiene and which products one can live without. This article in the New York Times online sums it up!

With so many options available, which oral hygiene products should you get?

Every person we meet has specific requirements for their home care, including personal preferences (manual vs power toothbrushes, flavours of toothpaste and so on), and budgets. That’s why our team of dentists and hygienists welcome your questions about home dental care, and will help you to navigate the Aisle of Confusion with confidence!