The Damage A Fruit Smoothie Can Do To Teeth

The Damage A Smoothie Can Do To Teeth

Fruit (and vegetable) smoothies can be delicious, and they can be a great way to incorporate fruits and veges into your daily diet. However, research shows that ‘irresponsible consumption’ of smoothies has the potential of causing tooth erosion.

Smoothies can vary in acidity, depending on the ingredients that are used to make them. The more acidic the smoothie, the more potential it has for causing erosion. In the study, the kiwi, apple and lime smoothie caused much more erosion than the strawberry and banana one.

If smoothies are sipped and therefore consumed over a long period, the mouth remains in an acidic state for a longer period of time, which would result in greater erosion. The study concluded that if people choose to consume smoothies the best approach would be to only do so at mealtimes.