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New Season, New Toothbrush

It’s a new season, and dentists and dental hygienists across Australia are reminding their patients and communities that it’s time to retire their current toothbrush and to replace it with a new one. Have you ever wondered about the rationale behind the ‘New Season, New Toothbrush’ message? Does it really apply to everyone? And what …Read More

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes

The effectiveness of cleaning your teeth with a manual toothbrush compared to an electric toothbrush is commonly debated today. There’s an assumption that the modern day electric replacement is far superior to the good old-fashioned manual toothbrush.

Manual Toothbrush Versus Power Brush

A review of a series of studies about the different kinds of toothbrushes available revealed that power or electric toothbrushes, particularly those that use oscillating-rotating technology, are more effective in removing dental plaque.

Clean Your Toothbrush Holder

Yesterday we shared a study revealing the humble toothbrush holder as the third germiest household item, next to the dish sponge and kitchen counter top.

The Germiest Items in the House

Yesterday we asked you what you thought would be the top household items that consist of the most germs. If items found in the bathroom like a toothbrush holder or the bathroom door knob are at the top of your list, you’re wrong!

“Germiest” Household Items

Pop quiz: Look around your home. Which, amongst these items in your home, do you think is the most germ-covered item?

Corinna News for November 2013

And just like that, November is over! We’re ready for another busy month of December but before that, catch up on what you’ve missed this November as we round up the interesting stories we shared this month. Enjoy!     Walk Off Those Calories You Consumed High Time To Rethink Sugary Drinks Four-Letter Word For …Read More

Toothbrush Makers Claim Product To Clean Teeth In Six Seconds

Two minutes—that’s how long you are advised to brush your teeth to make sure all surfaces are cleaned. But makers of one toothbrush say that their product can effectively and efficiently clean teeth in as fast as six seconds (!). Makers of the Blizzident toothbrush explain that the brush contains about 400 bristles. To use …Read More

Brushing: There’s An App For That!

Dentists advise that you brush for a full two minutes—but are you really able to keep track of your brushing? An interesting product from Beam lets you know if you’ve brushed enough. It is a Bluetooth-connected toothbrush that monitors when you last brushed your teeth and for how long. It transmits the data to a …Read More

The Benefits of Using An Electric Toothbrush

An electric or power toothbrush is simply a toothbrush that uses electric power to move the brush head. Modern electric toothbrushes are usually powered by a rechargeable battery. The bristles on the brush heads generally move in a side-to-side manner or rotate clockwise then anticlockwise: this latter movement was pioneered by Oral-B in 1991. The …Read More