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UK Teens Consume Nearly A Bathtub Full of Sugary Drinks Each Year

The problem of young people drinking far too many sugary drinks spans the globe. In a recent report that examines the UK’s diet and nutrition habits, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) discovered that young people aged 11-18 were drinking an average of 234 cans of sugar-sweetened soft drinks every year. The annual consumption is nearly enough …Read More

Sugar- Perhaps It’s Not So Sweet

Sugar – sucrose, maltose, corn syrup,honey – these are just some of the names it can be called! Specific health issues and how they relate to this substance is very much on the agenda at the moment in popular media in Australia as well as in other countries like America and the UK. However, opinions about the impact …Read More

Identifying Hidden Sugars: Isn’t There A Simpler Way?

Most Australians would be familiar with the Heart Foundation Tick system that provides consumers with a quick way of spotting which products are low fat foods. While there is some debate as to how helpful this information really is (because foods given the ‘tick’ often turn out to have a very high sugar content), it’s clear that …Read More

Sugar, Its Partner In Crime And The Importance Of Reading Labels

Sugar is in many ways Public Enemy Number One of your teeth and dental health. The sweetest and arguably easiest to consume form of carbohydrate, sugar seems to be everywhere!