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For Which Sports Should Your Child Be Wearing A Mouthguard?

If we were to ask most people what sports require the wearing of a mouthguard, we’re likely to hear them include football, boxing and hockey as their answer. However, the list of sports that the Australian Dental Association mentions is a somewhat longer, and you may be surprised by what sports are included! The ADA …Read More

Mouthguard Awareness

It’s the time of year where winter sports teams start recruiting and training. For many sports, an important piece of equipment is a sports mouthguard. A mouthguard helps to prevent injuries to your teeth and jaw during sports and other active pursuits. It does this by absorbing the energy of the impact, preventing the full …Read More

The Importance of Properly Fitted Mouthguards

There are several different types of mouthguards available in the marketplace today and we’ve outlined these here. The best mouthguard is always going to be one that is custom fitted.

The History of the Mouthguard

Of course, protective sporting equipment hasn’t always existed. Helmets, shin pads, shoulder pads and mouthguards, just to name a few, have evolved over time, just as the nature of sport has. Nowadays, however, the mouthguard is vital as a protective piece of sporting equipment, helping to prevent both mouth and jaw injuries. While the mouthguard began …Read More

Proper Mouthguard Use and Care

There seems to be a growing trend among athletes to wear a mouthguard as a kind of ‘fashion accessory’! Images of NBA athletes wearing their mouthguards on their ears, or sticking out of their mouths like fish hooks are becoming more and more common in the media. While this is great for showcasing the importance of having a …Read More

Mouthguard Awareness Month 2015

It’s Mouthguard Awareness Month at Corinna Dental and time to remind everyone why wearing a mouthguard is so important. Not only is it vital for adults playing any kind of contact sport to wear a mouthguard, it is also extremely important for children to ensure they have the proper mouth protection when participating in sporting …Read More

Perhaps Mouthguards Just Aren’t That Cool?

We’ve highlighted recently how wearing a mouthguard can spare athletes from costly and painful damage to their mouth, teeth and jaws that can occur whilst playing contact sports. Every year, the Australian Dental Association and Dentists throughout Australia (including the Corinna Dental Team in Woden, Canberra and now Deakin) promote the importance of wearing mouthguards …Read More

What You Need To Do If A Tooth Is Knocked Out

Kids are prone to dental emergencies — and playing contact sports puts them at even higher risk of experiencing one, such as a tooth being knocked out. Wearing a mouthguard is one way to lessen (if not prevent) the severity of trauma caused by contact sports. But when accident does happen, like when an adult …Read More

Does Your Child Remember To Wear Their Mouthguard?

You might have noticed in the past few weeks that we’ve mentioned the wearing of mouthguards a few times. That’s because it’s Mouthguard Awareness Month, and many teams are recruiting and training in preparation for winter sports. We’ve explained the difference between custom-made mouthguards  and over-the-counter types:

Dental Resolution No. 5: Keeping Teeth Safe

Certain activities and habits expose our teeth to damages that may warrant a dental emergency visit. In 2014, resolve to be aware of these and to take measures to keep your teeth safe. If you or your child is engaged in contact sports or any activity where a facial injury is possible, make sure you/he/she …Read More