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World Cancer Day: Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

World Cancer Day occurs every year on February 4. A variety of cancer that the dental team is very aware of is Oral Cancer. This is something our dentists routinely screen all of our patients for during a checkup appointment. As the World Cancer Day website tells us, “Finding cancer early almost always makes it …Read More

Reducing Cancer Risk in Men

According to 2010 statistics of Cancer Australia, more than half of newly discovered cancer cases occurred in men. The most commonly diagnosed cancers were prostate cancer, bowel cancer, and lung cancer.

Four-letter Word for Mouth Cancer Diagnosis

We’ve written in the past how early detection is the key to treating oral cancer. Here’s something we’ve stumbled upon from a letter to the editor of the British Dental Journal —a simple “RULE” for suspecting oral cancer: Red and/or white lesion Ulcer Lump Exceeding three weeks duration. Of course it is still important to …Read More

Morning Cigarette Doubles Cancer Risk, Says Study

Cigarette smoking is one of the risk factors associated with developing mouth cancer. Recent research shows that those who light up a cigarette immediately after waking up are at even higher risk of acquiring mouth or lung cancer. This is according to the researchers of Penn State University, who found out that those who puff …Read More