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Your Diet and Oral Health

As we observe the National Nutrition Week (13-19th October), it is timely to focus our attention on the role of one’s diet in maintaining good oral health. Tooth decay happens when tooth enamel is attacked by acid. Acid is produced by sugars in the food and drinks we take. This is why we should be …Read More

Hearing Awareness Week And Noise Levels In A Dental Surgery

It’s Hearing Awareness Week, from Sunday August 25, 2013. On their website, Hearing Awareness Week has provided a noise calculator where you can see the amount of noise produced in various situations around the home and outside. It looks at various styles of music, tools, and places in and out of the home. We were …Read More

Dental Health Week 2013

Welcome to Dental health Week. This year the theme is “Young Adults Aged 18-30 Years”. The aim of this promotion is to make young people aware of the issues that are likely to cause damage to their teeth, in the hope that this knowledge will ensure that teeth last well beyond their 30th birthday. Some …Read More