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Back To School: 10 Quick Tips For Tooth-Friendly School Lunches

Today all public schools in Canberra reopen their doors to their new students in primary and high school, and tomorrow classes for all returning students (primary and secondary) begin. By the end of this week all Canberra schools, public and independent, will be back in action. Hopefully your kids are rested and refreshed after the summer holidays …Read More

Why Teeth Turn Yellow

Tooth discolouration may be caused by four factors—extrinsic or intrinsic staining, as well as genetics and aging.

Oral Health Guide to Late-Night Snacking

With barely a week to go until the World Cup wraps up, games are now more intense and fans more tuned in. In our Canberra time zone, the games are in the wee small hours, and many of us will be grabbing a snack or beverage while we cheer our teams on while we wrap …Read More

Men’s Health 2014

Did you know that only 5% of Aussie men aged 18 years and above eat sufficient serving of fruits and veggies? And that 68% are overweight or obese and only 42% engage in physical activity? This year’s Men’s Health Week, happening today until 15th of June, highlights what influences men’s health in Australian society.

What Your Dentist Needs To Know About Your Allergies

It’s Allergy Awareness Week—so let’s talk about allergy and why it is important to inform your dentist about your sensitivity to certain substances (allergens). Allergy is a response of a body’s immune system to normally harmless substances. These substances, called allergens, are harmless for other people. However for individuals who are allergic to the substance, …Read More

Healthy And Tooth-Friendly School Canteens

  In hot weather, and in busy families, the lure of buying lunch from the school canteen can be very strong. School canteens can certainly deliver a variety of fresh, nutritious foods to hungry students, but some still offer a large array of what is essentially junk food. How do you ensure your kids choose …Read More

Healthy Gums and Healthy Eating

Last time we shared how nutrition plays an important role in maintaining good oral health. Here’s another article highlighting the connection between the food we eat and our oral health. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), oral health and nutrition have a “multifaceted relationship. Oral infectious diseases, as well as acute, chronic, …Read More

New research shows cheese may prevent cavities

Released June 5, 2013 A new study published in the Academy of General Dentistry’s journal, General Dentistry, shows that cheese and other dairy products may help protect teeth against cavities. The research studied a group of teenagers, and measured the acidity of the dental plaque before and after they consumed cheese, milk or sugar free …Read More