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New Year, Healthy Teeth

It’s a brand new year! The end of the year often triggers us to think about what happened in the year just gone. This is often accompanied by a desire to make some changes in the new year. It’s no surprise that New Year’s Resolutions are frequently focused on improving various aspects of our health. …Read More

Dental Resolution No. 7: Regular Dental Appointments

It’s important to visit your dentist regularly to have your teeth, gums and mouth examined: that’s why we’re recommending that in 2017 you resolve to attend regular dental appointments. Preventing dental disease now is much better than having to treat it later: it’s generally less expensive and time consuming to stop dental disease from developing …Read More

Dental Resolution No. 6: Keeping Teeth Brighter

A cup of coffee may put a smile on your face every morning but it could also prevent you from flashing your best smile. Consider this: your tooth enamel has very tiny holes and cracks that can hold food particles. Coffee and other beverages such as fizzy drinks, tea, chocolate drinks as well as dark-coloured …Read More

Dental Resolution No. 5: Keeping Teeth Safe

Certain activities and habits expose our teeth to damages that may warrant a dental emergency visit. In 2014, resolve to be aware of these and to take measures to keep your teeth safe. If you or your child is engaged in contact sports or any activity where a facial injury is possible, make sure you/he/she …Read More

Dental Resolution No. 4: Consume Less Sugar

Now that the merrymaking season is over, perhaps you’ve taken a look back at all the foods you’ve consumed during the holidays and have resolved to eat healthier foods this year. As you do so, consider Dental Resolution No. 4: Consume Less Sugar. How can you manage your sugar intake? First, you need to know …Read More