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Sugar, Your Health And Your Teeth

What do we believe when it comes to sugar and our health? There are so many theories currently circulating in health circles, it’s hard to know what to believe! The one thing experts do agree on is that we need to limit the amount of sugar in our diets.

Saliva Protects Teeth Against Cavities Better Than We Thought

Our mouth is home to millions of species of bacteria and the surface of our tongue alone is home to 50% of those bacteria. But our mouth also has the ability to naturally fight off cavity-causing bacteria. Healthy saliva is a critical part of our mouth’s defence mechanism.

Tooth Decay: Not Just A Modern Problem

The modern diet is often blamed for the rising number of cases of tooth decay: we’ve mentioned previously the horrifying statistics that show up to 50% of Australian kids having at least one decayed tooth. In Canberra, like many Australian cities, our kids often have access to a lot of sugary and acidic foods. So …Read More

Corinna News for November 2013

And just like that, November is over! We’re ready for another busy month of December but before that, catch up on what you’ve missed this November as we round up the interesting stories we shared this month. Enjoy!     Walk Off Those Calories You Consumed High Time To Rethink Sugary Drinks Four-Letter Word For …Read More

Sleep-deprived? It Shows On Your Face

A small study in Sweden looked into the things that people notice to recognise that someone is sleep-deprived. After showing photographs of men and women who have had 8 hours of sleep and those who have been sleep-deprived for 31 hours, participants noticed the common thing amongst those who’ve been lacking sleep: hanging eyelids, droopy …Read More

Corinna News For September 2013

Another busy month has passed! If you’ve been busy like us and failed to read our interesting stories this September, worry not. We’ve rounded up the links below for your easy reference. Enjoy catching up! History of Toothbrush Fertility And Oral Health Caring For Oral Health Of Stroke Survivors Marble-Like Particles To Repair Tooth Decay …Read More

Baby Teeth To Be Used in Autism Study

An interesting project is the US aims to collect baby teeth to be used in furthering studies about Autism. According to researchers, there’s a possibility that “neurotoxins in the environment are affecting children in ways that are influencing or triggering autism”. Why baby teeth? It’s because “any substance that passes through a child’s body lodges …Read More

Drink Milk After Eating Sugary Cereals, Study Suggests

Ready-to-eat cereals are a convenient breakfast option for kids and adults alike but did you know that since these generally contain sugar and starch, they could be harmful for your teeth? Breakfast cereals contain carbohydrates that, when consumed, cause plaque bacteria on your teeth to produce acid. And when acid attacks tooth enamel, it could …Read More

Tooth Sensor To Monitor Mouth Activity

Last week we shared an exciting research project in which developers had created tiny glass particles that could be used in toothpaste tackle tooth decay . This time, another exciting innovation caught our interest—a tooth sensor that tracks every motion your mouth makes. Scientists in Taiwan have developed a tiny tracker designed to fit onto …Read More

Vegetarians Have Better Gums, Worse Dental Health

Fruits and veggies are good for one’s health but a recent study on vegetarians show that while they tend to have healthier gums than their meat-eating counterparts, their dental health is worse. A total of 200 patients—100 vegetarians and 100 non-vegetarians—were examined and it was discovered that while vegetarians had ‘low bleeding on probing of …Read More