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Slothful Avoidance: When Was Your Last Checkup?

Continuing its theme of the Seven Sporting Sins, the Australian Dental Association tackles the sin of Slothful Avoidance and asks us to consider: “When Was Your Last Checkup” The statistics for Australia are really pretty grim: despite the fact that dental services are plentiful, many Australians still don’t visit the dentist regularly. This is just …Read More

All About Dental Phobia

(It’s Sedation Dentistry Month at Corinna Dental Group. One of the reasons people seek to undergo sedation or sleep dentistry is because they experience some degree of dental fear. In this article we discuss dental fear and its more serious condition, Dental Phobia, and ways to manage it.)  A dental visit may be a routine …Read More

Dental Chair Sign Language

Dental anxiety is one of the reasons why some people are hesitant about visiting their dentists. We’ve shared in the past ways to handle dental anxiety  and now here’s another method developed by a group of dentists in the US—dental chair hand signals. It allows dental patients to feel confident that they can communicate to …Read More

Six Percent Of Germans Are Dental Phobic

Six per cent of your population, or 5 million people, may seem like a lot of dental phobes! However, these figures for Germany are lower than average for a European nation. The average number of people with a significant dental phobia in a European country is 10% of the population, with some countries reporting a …Read More