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Colgate’s Cavity Report

Tooth decay is considered to be Australia’s most chronic disease for children and is five times more prevalent in children than asthma. It has been such a growing health concern that the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Health Week campaign ‘Stop the Rot’ focused specifically on the oral health of children in 2012.

Corinna News for November 2013

And just like that, November is over! We’re ready for another busy month of December but before that, catch up on what you’ve missed this November as we round up the interesting stories we shared this month. Enjoy!     Walk Off Those Calories You Consumed High Time To Rethink Sugary Drinks Four-Letter Word For …Read More

Why Women Suffer More From TMJ Disorder Than Men

TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder is characterised by pain in the face around jaw joint. It is the second most frequent cause of orofacial pain, next to toothache. TMJ disorders seem to affect more women than men and recently Chinese scientists explained why: it’s the hormone oestrogen that worsens the condition amongst women. Read how …Read More

Poor Oral Health and Oral HPV Infections

Those with poor oral health may be more susceptible to develop oral human papilloma virus (HPV) infections, according to a study that is said to be the first to identify the association. Around 40-80 per cent of throat cancers are caused by oral HPV. Whilst there are several factors that contribute to development oral HPV, …Read More

Corinna News For September 2013

Another busy month has passed! If you’ve been busy like us and failed to read our interesting stories this September, worry not. We’ve rounded up the links below for your easy reference. Enjoy catching up! History of Toothbrush Fertility And Oral Health Caring For Oral Health Of Stroke Survivors Marble-Like Particles To Repair Tooth Decay …Read More

Drink Milk After Eating Sugary Cereals, Study Suggests

Ready-to-eat cereals are a convenient breakfast option for kids and adults alike but did you know that since these generally contain sugar and starch, they could be harmful for your teeth? Breakfast cereals contain carbohydrates that, when consumed, cause plaque bacteria on your teeth to produce acid. And when acid attacks tooth enamel, it could …Read More

Vegetarians Have Better Gums, Worse Dental Health

Fruits and veggies are good for one’s health but a recent study on vegetarians show that while they tend to have healthier gums than their meat-eating counterparts, their dental health is worse. A total of 200 patients—100 vegetarians and 100 non-vegetarians—were examined and it was discovered that while vegetarians had ‘low bleeding on probing of …Read More

Corinna News for August 2013

Another busy and packed month has ended. As usual, we’ve rounded up the interesting stories we shared this month for your easy reading. Enjoy and watch for more stories in September! Dental Health Week 2013 Lifestyle Risks To Your Oral Health – Oral Sex Lifestyle Risks To Your Oral Health – Drugs Lifestyle Risks To …Read More

Oral Piercings: A Warning From The California Dental Association

Released in June 25, 2013 A warning from the California dental Association all about the risks associated with oral piercings Many people like body piercings: they are often used as a means of self-expression. However, the California Dental Association warns that oral piercings can be dangerous to your health. The challenges may start when the …Read More

Americans Brush Off Dental Care During Financial Hardship

Recent survey shows fewer Americans are turning to dentists when confronted with mouth pain. According to a public opinion survey conducted by Oral Health America in relation to their autumn “Fall for Smiles” campaign, 73 per cent of Americans who don’t visit a dentist and would rather take pain killer to deal with toothache gave …Read More