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Tooth-Friendly Drinks This Summer

It’s nearly summer! As the temperature in Canberra rises, it may be tempting to grab a bottle of chilled drink—but beware! Some drinks that you might choose to consume to cool down or rehydrate may well do your teeth more harm than good.

Colgate’s Cavity Report

Tooth decay is considered to be Australia’s most chronic disease for children and is five times more prevalent in children than asthma. It has been such a growing health concern that the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Health Week campaign ‘Stop the Rot’ focused specifically on the oral health of children in 2012.

Dental Hazard No: 1: Sugary Christmas Treats

The most festive season of the year, unfortunately, might also be the worst time for your dental health. Amidst the merrymaking, excitement and possibly chaos of the season, your dental health can suffer. We’re not trying to be a Grinch but we’d like to remind you of the 12 Dental Hazards of Christmas…

Oral Health App To Help You Visualise Your Brushing Sessions

If you’re one of those people who’s into self improvement apps, here’s one for you. Oral-B recently launched an app that will help the user visualise the quality of his/her brushing sessions. According to the product’s description, it has “ a timer function with quadrant guide for even and thorough cleaning throughout the mouth and …Read More

Obstacles to Children’s Oral Health

It’s National Children’s Week until the 27th: a great time to focus on kids’ oral health. Oral B lists the major challenges every parent face when it comes to ensuring their children have good oral hygiene. Common obstacles include thumb sucking (baby), fear of dentist (toddler), love of sweets (grade-schooler), braces and sports injuries (teenagers). …Read More

Healthy Gums and Healthy Eating

Last time we shared how nutrition plays an important role in maintaining good oral health. Here’s another article highlighting the connection between the food we eat and our oral health. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), oral health and nutrition have a “multifaceted relationship. Oral infectious diseases, as well as acute, chronic, …Read More

Why Women Suffer More From TMJ Disorder Than Men

TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder is characterised by pain in the face around jaw joint. It is the second most frequent cause of orofacial pain, next to toothache. TMJ disorders seem to affect more women than men and recently Chinese scientists explained why: it’s the hormone oestrogen that worsens the condition amongst women. Read how …Read More

Sleep-deprived? It Shows On Your Face

A small study in Sweden looked into the things that people notice to recognise that someone is sleep-deprived. After showing photographs of men and women who have had 8 hours of sleep and those who have been sleep-deprived for 31 hours, participants noticed the common thing amongst those who’ve been lacking sleep: hanging eyelids, droopy …Read More

Poor Oral Health and Oral HPV Infections

Those with poor oral health may be more susceptible to develop oral human papilloma virus (HPV) infections, according to a study that is said to be the first to identify the association. Around 40-80 per cent of throat cancers are caused by oral HPV. Whilst there are several factors that contribute to development oral HPV, …Read More

Baby Teeth To Be Used in Autism Study

An interesting project is the US aims to collect baby teeth to be used in furthering studies about Autism. According to researchers, there’s a possibility that “neurotoxins in the environment are affecting children in ways that are influencing or triggering autism”. Why baby teeth? It’s because “any substance that passes through a child’s body lodges …Read More