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The 5 Don’ts Of Dental Visits For Children

At what age should you first take your child to visit the dentist? In this article, we’ll take a look at first dental visits and explain what not to tell children before they visit the dentist.

Dental Health Week 2014: Brushing Baby’s Or Toddler’s Teeth

In the recent Colgate Cavity report, around 60% of Aussie parents lamented that it is difficult to get their kids to brush their teeth twice a day. Tooth brushing is a habit that is best taught as early in a child’s life as possible. A parent’s role is two-fold: teach the skills and set a …Read More

Dental Health Week 2014: Tongue Cleaning

It is not enough to teach your children how to brush and floss properly. It is also important to teach them how to clean their tongues.

Dental Health Week 2014: Fluoride

Our water here in Canberra is fortified with fluoride—a mineral that strengthens teeth against tooth decay. Drinking fluoridated water is one of the basic and most effective means of reducing dental caries in all age groups.

Soothing Teething Toddlers

A tooth that’s about to erupt is a nuisance not only to the toddler himself/herself but also to the parents—some littlies feel really uncomfortable as the teeth come through! But teething and the fussiness associated with it are natural and unfortunately there is no instant cure that will spare your child from the discomfort. However, …Read More

Dental Health Week 2014: How To Avoid Early Childhood Caries

In 2012, the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Health Week campaign focused on preventing tooth decay amongst children. The campaign came after the ‘rotten’ statistic that showed by age 6, half of Aussie children will have tooth decay.

Dental Health Week 2014: Toddlers and Snacking

Aside from raising awareness on the sugar bandits in Aussie households, the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Health Week 2014 is also focusing on the oral health of babies and toddlers.

Dental Health Week 2014: Focus on Babies And Toddlers

Every year the Australian Dental Association holds a one-week campaign focusing on one dental health topic and raising awareness on the importance of taking care of one’s oral health.

Dental Health Week 2013

Welcome to Dental health Week. This year the theme is “Young Adults Aged 18-30 Years”. The aim of this promotion is to make young people aware of the issues that are likely to cause damage to their teeth, in the hope that this knowledge will ensure that teeth last well beyond their 30th birthday. Some …Read More