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12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 12— Putting Off Dental Work

It’s easy to delay scheduled dental work during the holidays but unfortunately putting off dental procedures may allow your condition to deteriorate. It may even lead to a dental emergency during the holidays, when many dental practices are either closed or working shorter hours.

12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 11— Forgetting to Pack Toothbrush

It’s one of those things some of us are guilty of—packing everything needed for your trip away, only to find out you failed to include your toothbrush or floss!

12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 10— Chocolates, Wines, Coffee, Tea

Jams, chocolates, teas, soft drinks—these are commonly eaten foods during the holiday season. Unfortunately, overconsumption of these dark-coloured foods and drinks can cause stains to appear on teeth. Smoking tobacco products can also cause stains to appear on the teeth.

12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 9— Being Tired or ‘Under the Weather’

It’s easy to put off or neglect brushing and flossing your teeth when you’re too tired or, dare we say, under the weather after a night of partying.

12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 8— Kissing Under the Mistletoe

The Human Mouth harbours millions of bacteria, many harmless, but others that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Kissing is a way to transfer these germs from one person to another. Research shows that it is possible to catch dental diseases from another person, often by kissing.

12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 7— Grinding Teeth Through Stress

The holiday season, being one of the most stressful times of the year, can take its toll on your oral health. Stress can cause some people to grind their teeth, and this habit, over time, can cause a lot of damage!

12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 6— Opening Things Using Your Teeth

Opening gifts (or anything, for that matter) with your teeth is a bad habit to avoid not only during holidays but all year round!

12 Dental Hazards of Christmas: Hazard 5—Silver Coins in Christmas Puddings

  Many Australians will be familiar with the British tradition of hiding small silver coins in the Christmas pudding. According to tradition, finding threepence or a sixpenny bit is supposed to bring the wealth to the finder for the coming year.

12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 3— Hard Lollies

It’s hard to resist the abundance of hard sweets that are often available during the holiday season, but here’s why you should—sucking candy canes and hard lollipops expose your mouth to sugars for a long time and chewing on them can break fillings and crack teeth.

12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 2—Acidic Drinks

Many of us enjoy a little Christmas cheer during the festive season – bubbly, wine, beers and spirits with or without mixers.