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Wine As Cavity Fighter

As you ease into your weekend and perhaps reach for a small glass of red wine tonight, you might find this article as interesting as we did. Its headline is ‘Red Wine As A Cavity Fighter’, and it makes you wonder whether ‘it’s good for my heart AND my teeth’ will become a good reason …Read More

Dental Resolution No. 3: Fewer Acidic Beverages

Fizzy drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, even fruit juices—these beverages not only contain high amounts of sugar but also acid that can cause tooth erosion. Tooth erosion causes irreversible damage to tooth enamel: that is why it is important to prevent it from happening. As the new year begins, why not resolve to reduce your …Read More

More About Wine – A New Year’s Cautionary Dental Tale

New Year celebrations can be a good reason to eat, drink and be merry, and many of us enjoy a glass of bubbly or two to ring in the New Year. However, it’s important to remember how damaging glass of wine can be to your tooth enamel.

How Soft Drinks Are Killing Your Teeth [infographic]

Are you aware of the impact your favourite beverage potentially has on your oral health? We’ve highlighted in the past that many popular drinks have high sugar content and that plaque bacteria on the teeth consume this sugar and excrete acids which dissolve tooth enamel, eventually forming cavities. Sugar is not the only potentially damaging …Read More