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How To Floss Around Your Braces

Wearing braces is not an excuse not to floss. It is really important to floss your teeth while wearing braces in order to avoid developing cavities and gum problems. But how do you floss while wearing braces? Oral-B advices that you use wax floss, to thread carefully, and to make sure not to snap the …Read More

Braces and Healthy Eating

One of the challenges orthodontics patients face is avoiding foods that are hard to chew. These foods include fruits and vegetables, which provide important nutrients to the body. Since people with braces have to be mindful of what they eat, more often than not, they consume less proteins and other key nutrients that are present …Read More

How To Care For Your Braces

This detailed article by Colgate provides information for people wearing braces. It explains why more care is needed during orthodontic treatment, and why careful attention to cleaning is so important. It tells which foods are tooth-friendly, and which are best avoided while wearing braces. It then warns about habits to avoid (like biting your fingernails!) …Read More