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Post Natal Care and Dental Health

It’s important to maintain good oral health during pregnancy. It is just as important to look after your teeth once your newborn arrives. If you experienced gum problems due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, or if you didn’t manage to see your dentist whilst expecting, a dental checkup must be a priority (as well as …Read More

Expectant Mums And Oral Health

Pregnancy is very important time to take extra good care of your oral health. This is because the hormonal changes that occur during this time can make teeth and gums more susceptible to disease. Mothers-to-be need to maintain a good oral health routine as well as continue with regular dental check-ups to ensure their teeth and gums remain healthy …Read More

Why Do Kids Need To Use Low-Fluoride Toothpastes?

About Fluoride Fluoride, a natural mineral, is an essential part of our daily oral health routine and is important in dentistry. Its role is to strengthen tooth enamel which, in turn, helps to prevent tooth decay. The use of fluoride in Australia is supported by all public health and dental authorities. Most capital cities in Australia have ideal …Read More

Tooth Decay In Young Children

The appearance of a baby’s first tooth is always exciting for parents as it is often a sign that a child is growing appropriately. These primary teeth have usually all fallen out by the time a child is 11 or 12 years of age: however, while they are in the mouth they play an extremely important role …Read More

Keepsake Charts For Children’s Teeth

It’s lovely to be able to keep a record of the comings and goings of little teeth— each one of them is a very special milestone signifying the growth and development of a very precious little person! To make it easier to record arrivals and departures we’ve created this downloadable chart: just download, print and use!

Why Do Dentists… Say Numbers?

Have you ever wondered what your dentist means when they are examining your teeth and they start saying a string of numbers? After the checkup, your dentist will most likely explain what they’ve discovered, but you may still not be exactly certain what the string of numbers actually meant. In this series of articles we’ll explain some of …Read More