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The Real Cost of Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism, where someone takes an overseas trip with the primary purpose of having a dental treatment done, is increasing in prevalence especially during the holiday season. Overseas dental holidays often don’t just include complex dental treatments, but will include a complete accommodation and tour package as well. 

Good Oral Health- Flossing

Bacteria in the mouth can hide in those tight and narrow gaps between the teeth: the areas a toothbrush can’t reach.  It is very important to clean these areas, and one effective way to do this is by flossing. There is a learning curve to the process because floss can be fiddly stuff. You might …Read More

Dental Health Week 2013

Welcome to Dental health Week. This year the theme is “Young Adults Aged 18-30 Years”. The aim of this promotion is to make young people aware of the issues that are likely to cause damage to their teeth, in the hope that this knowledge will ensure that teeth last well beyond their 30th birthday. Some …Read More

Be On Your Guard—Use a Mouthguard!

Prevention is always better than cure. Take for example wearing a mouthguard. According to the Australian Dental Association, statistics show that only 36% of Aussie kids who are into contact sports wear a mouthguard. And here’s an even gloomier statistic: only 19% wear one during training. There are many reasons why wearing a mouthguard must …Read More

More Dental Health Videos for Children

Last time, we featured an interesting video, “Teach Me How to Brushy”  by the Oregon Dental Association. (link to page) This time around, we are sharing another set of kid-friendly videos encouraging kids to brush teeth for a full two minutes. Sponsored by more than 35 leading DentalAssociations, AdCouncil’s 2min2x public service oral health campaign …Read More

Dental Health Music Video To Enjoy

Australian Dental Health Week may be over but that doesn’t mean the focus is off good dental care routines. Proper care of your teeth is a 7 days a week business. And it starts with proper brushing. Last month’s campaign of the Australian Dental Association highlighted the grim statistics about tooth decay among Aussie kids. …Read More

A Dental Recap – August 2012

During August 2012 the Australian Dental Association promoted Dental Health Week, and we shared a lot of information that the ADA had developed especially for Dental Health Week 2012. We also reported on some recent Dental research, and illustrated the results of a US Dental Health Survey in an infographic. In case you missed anything, …Read More

Good Oral Health- Dental Checkups

The Australian Dental Association, as part of its Dental Health Week campaign for 2012, reminds us all of the importance of regular dental checkups to spot early dental problems that are developing. In between dental visits, it’s important to maintain a good daily routine of brushing and flossing your teeth. Attention to the foods and …Read More

Tooth-Friendly Drinks for Children

Soft drinks, sports drinks, and fruit juices are among the favourite drinks for many Australian children. But the Australian Dental Association warns that parents must be aware that allowing their kids to frequently gulp down sugary drinks puts their children at high risk of having tooth decay. According to the Australian Dental Association, by the …Read More

Tooth-Friendly Foods for Kids

It is important to introduce healthy eating habits to your child, for their general health as well as their dental health. While it’s not always possible to completely eliminate sugary or decay-inducing foods from your child’s diet, it is generally possible to reduce the number of times per week that these types of foods are …Read More