World Cancer Day 2014: Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

World Cancer Day 2014: Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

World Cancer Day 2014

Today is World Cancer Day. A variety of cancer that the dental team is very aware of is Oral Cancer, and this is something we routinely screen all of our patients for during a checkup appointment. It’s been shown that early detection of oral cancer vastly improves the outcome for an individual.

Like many other forms of cancer, oral cancer has signs and symptoms. We’ve previously shared the ‘RULE’ approach: a mouth sore is suspicious if it is a:

R-ed and/or white lesion
U-lcer or
E-xceeding three weeks duration

In other words, any mouth sore that persists for longer than three weeks should be considered suspicious and ought to be reviewed by a health practitioner, such as a dentist.

This list includes any type of change in your mouth, teeth and throat, including changes in chewing, speech, taste and swallowing. It’s important to know that pain is not always a symptom of oral cancer.

It’s important to remain aware of changes that occur in your mouth, and to seek an opinion about anything that persists longer than a few weeks. If you do notice something that concerns you, please make a time to come in and see us.