Squeezable Snacks Could Harm Children's Teeth

Squeezable Snacks Could Harm Children’s Teeth

They’re cute and convenient and might even be nutritious but did you know that squeezable snacks could be bad for your toddler’s developing teeth?

Grab-and-go squeezable pouches allow toddlers to feed themselves easily- they can squeeze the pouch and suck on the tip. That’s convenient for a quick meal, but potentially a problem if the toddler is allowed to feed herself.

There are two issues. The first is one of safety: the feeding tips are hard, so they do present a risk of causing damage to the child’s teeth and gums if they should fall with the pouch in their mouth.

The second concern is that toddlers may end up sucking on the pouch for extended periods of time. Some of the foods in the pouches contain sugar. Constant exposure of sugar on a little one’s teeth could lead to tooth decay

Read more what experts have to say about these products: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/01/30/170667837/oh-baby-squeezable-snacks-might-be-tough-on-the-teeth?ft=1&f=1128&sc=tw

No matter what your little one is consuming each day, be sure to brush their teeth twice a day with a children’s fluoride toothpaste.