Soothing Teething Toddlers

Soothing Teething Toddlers

teething baby

A tooth that’s about to erupt is a nuisance not only to the toddler himself/herself but also to the parents—some littlies feel really uncomfortable as the teeth come through! But teething and the fussiness associated with it are natural and unfortunately there is no instant cure that will spare your child from the discomfort.

However, there are tricks that can be used to distract a baby from the discomfort. Giving your baby extra TLC provides him/her comfort.  The Australian Dental Association also suggests gently rubbing your baby’s gums with a chilled washcloth or giving your baby a chilled teething ring to gnaw on.

Meanwhile, take note of these ultimate No-Nos to soothe your tot’s teething woes:

Last updated: January 24, 2019

This article was previously titled: Dental Health Week 2014: Soothing Teething Toddlers