Slothful Avoidance: When Was Your Last Checkup?

Slothful Avoidance: When Was Your Last Checkup?

Continuing its theme of the Seven Sporting Sins, the Australian Dental Association tackles the sin of Slothful Avoidance and asks us to consider: “When Was Your Last Checkup”

The statistics for Australia are really pretty grim: despite the fact that dental services are plentiful, many Australians still don’t visit the dentist regularly. This is just as true for people like athletes, who otherwise lead a very health-focused life.

If you are an athlete, play a team sport or keep active through activities like running it’s important to let your dentist know about the type of activities you do and how often you play and train. Your dentist will then be able to help you be certain that your sporting habits are not causing damage to your teeth.

Some Articles About The Dental Health Of Athletes That You May Find Interesting


Screenshot of the UCL news article, "Oral Health Problems In Elite Athletes ‘Must Be Addressed’Oral Health Problems In Elite Athletes ‘Must Be Addressed’

The University College London (UCL) conducted a survey in 2012 amongst elite athletes during the London Olympics and found out that “46.5% had not been to the dentist in the past year”.

“Olympic athletes are all supposed to have a dental check-up within 12 months of the competition but, as the survey found, almost half of the athletes London 2012 had not.”

Read the article here.

A screenshot of the British Journals Of Sport Medicine article, "Oral Health And Elite Sport Performance"Oral Health And Elite Sport Performance

In this Consensus Statement of UK and North American authors, they highlighted the impact of oral health on performance, how oral health might affect performance, and why athletes have poor oral health.Reasons for athlete’s poor oral health condition include: poor nutrition, dehydration, health behaviour such as access to preventive programmes and prioritisation of time.

There has been little research on elite athletes’ attitudes to dental health, but what there is suggests that their understanding of its importance is relatively poor. And it does not appear to be a priority for trainers and sporting bodies either, say the authors.

Read the consensus statement here.


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