Six Percent Of Germans Are Dental Phobic

Six Percent Of Germans Are Dental Phobic

Six per cent of your population, or 5 million people, may seem like a lot of dental phobes! However, these figures for Germany are lower than average for a European nation. The average number of people with a significant dental phobia in a European country is 10% of the population, with some countries reporting a figure of 14%.

When a person is suffers from severe dental phobia, they often don’t get the dental treatment that they greatly need. This can cause pain, embarrassment and a great deal of stress.

Dr Michael Leu, who is a dentist and the President of the German Society of Dental Phobia, advises that “Sufferers should not feel ashamed. The condition affects extreme athletes, ski racers and executives too”.

There are different methods to treat those affected by dental phobia to allow them to receive the dental care they need. These methods include providing treatment while sedating the patient with happy gas or intravenous sedation. (You can learn more about what we offer at Corinna Dental by following this link:

You can read more about the German study here: