Sedation Dentistry Awareness Month

Sedation Dentistry Awareness Month

It’s Sedation Dentistry Awareness month here at Corinna Dental. Throughout the month we’ll be bringing you information about Sedation or Sleep Dentistry as part of our focus on educating and providing helpful resources to the Canberra community.


If you or a loved one feels very anxious, even downright terrified, about visiting the dentist for treatment, we trust that you’ll find these resources helpful.

If you’d prefer just to speak with us about your treatment, please give our Woden practice a call on 6282 2605.

You’ll find the following pages and articles on our website about Sedation Dentistry:

Dentistry For Nervous People- a page written especially for people who would rather be anywhere else that the Dentist! –

Sleep Dentistry: a page about IV sedation at Corinna Dental –

(Coming Later This Month)– If You Are Afraid Of The Dentist, You Are In Good Company! A review of Australian statistics that show how prevalent fear of the dentist really is in our country

(Coming Later This Month)– An Interview With Dr Chris Hardwicke, our Principal Dentist who provides all sedation dentistry services at Corinna Dental.