Healthy And Tooth-Friendly School Canteens

Healthy And Tooth-Friendly School Canteens

Healthy school canteens


In hot weather, and in busy families, the lure of buying lunch from the school canteen can be very strong. School canteens can certainly deliver a variety of fresh, nutritious foods to hungry students, but some still offer a large array of what is essentially junk food.

How do you ensure your kids choose healthy snacks and lunches from their school canteen?

This fantastic resource from Dental Health Services of Western Australia will help parents teach their children about choosing healthy foods from the school canteen. It specifically shows how some foods that are categorised as ‘green’ (healthy) or ‘amber’ (eat in moderation) are actually not tooth-friendly, because they contain large quantities of sugar and acid.

There’s also a list of great ideas that might help your school canteen to do an even better job of promoting healthy, tooth friendly foods and drinks.

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