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School Kids

We’ve got a whole page dedicated to the dental health of school-aged kids, including a back-to-school checklist, information about tooth-friendly lunches and how to teach your child to make great choices at school canteens.

Back to school dental checklist corinna dental groupThe Dentist’s Checklist For Going Back To School

Every February, Canberra families are busy as children go back to school. We’ve got a few more things that you might want to add to the final round of your back-to-school preparations: all with a focus on making this year a good one for your child’s oral health. Check out this page to learn more.

Healthy school canteensBack To School 2015: 10 Quick Tips For Tooth-Friendly School Lunches

Here are a few back-to-school lunchbox preparation tips that we’ve rounded up to get school lunches off to a great start!


Cheese-as-tooth-friendly-snacksHealthy And Tooth-Friendly School Canteens

What does your child know about healthy school canteen choices? Here’s a guide to help parents teach their children about choosing healthy foods.

Don’t Let Toothache Distract Your Kids At School

University study examines the effects that poor dental health has on a child’s education. Read more here.