Dental Care And Oral Health For The Expecting Canberra Mum

Getting To Know Your Baby’s Teeth

Good oral health care is a lifelong commitment. It starts during pregnancy and extends until the mother gives birth, up to the time that the child is old enough to take care of his/her own teeth.

That is why it is important to teach a child about good dental care during his/her early years. The best way to care for a young one’s teeth is to know all about primary teeth or milk teeth.

This page contains resources on how to care for kids’ teeth. Click on each topic to learn more.

Mother and Kids BrushingMother’s Role In Caring For Kid’s Teeth

From pregnancy to postnatal, a mother’s oral health is important not only because infection can be transferred from mums to infants but also because mothers are very often their children’s role model, coach and cheerleader when it comes to oral health care. Read more about a Mum’s role in caring for her kids’ teeth here.

get-to-know-your-babys-teethPost Natal Care And Dental Care

Your baby’s oral health is as important as your own. Here are some tips from the Australian Dental Association on how to start looking after your baby’s teeth. Click Here.

dental-development-in-childrenDental Development In Children

We’ve prepared a chart showing the names of each tooth, when a tooth is likely to erupt and when it is likely to fall out. Click here for the chart.


Tooth brush and tooth paste on a white backgroundProtecting Tiny Teeth

A fantastic video by the ADA NSW, supported by the NSW Health Centre for Oral Health Strategy highlighting the importance of taking care of baby teeth. Read as we discuss the important points here.


Learning to clean your teeth.Toddlers And Snacking

Meal preps for babies and toddlers can be a challenge but do not succumb to the temptation of giving your little ones instant (read: sugary) snacks. Here’s how to stop tooth decay before it wrecks havoc on your child’s mouth. Click here.

Corinna-Dental-Tooth-chart-keepsake-downloadKeepsake Charts For Children’s Teeth

To make it easier to record arrivals and departures of your child’s teeth we’ve created this keepsake ready to print and use! Click here to download the chart.