Prevent Facial Injuries- Wear A Mouthguard!

Prevent Facial Injuries —Wear a Mouth Guard!

We’ve highlighted the issue in the past—only 36 per cent of Australian kids wear a mouth guard during games. Apparently, that figure is pretty good when compared to statistics emerging from the United States’, where a recent survey shows that “84% of children do not wear mouth guards while playing organized sports”.


This despite the fact that according a report by the American Dental Association, “mouth guards offer a simple and relatively inexpensive solution to help dramatically decrease the risk of oral injuries”:

Back here in Australia, while it is good to know that more kids’ teeth are protected during contact sports, we could all do better. Remember that it’s not just teeth that are at risk: head and neck injuries can also be prevented or minimised by wearing a mouthguard.

How to choose one? You can read about mouthguards on our Mouthguard page:

and check out the 2013 Mouthguard Awareness campaign website of the Australian Dental Association: