Oral Piercings: A Warning From The California Dental Association

Oral Piercings: A Warning From The California Dental Association

Released in June 25, 2013

A warning from the California dental Association all about the risks associated with oral piercings

Many people like body piercings: they are often used as a means of self-expression. However, the California Dental Association warns that oral piercings can be dangerous to your health.

The challenges may start when the piercing is first done. Sometimes a blood vessel or a nerve can be in the path of the piercing, so an occasional consequence of the piercing process is severe bleeding or nerve damage. This is more likely when the person doing the piercing is unfamiliar with human anatomy.

Pain, swelling and increased saliva production are common symptoms after an oral piercing. Infections of a minor or major nature are also possible. An occasional occurrence can be blood poisoning, metal allergies or black clots.

Once and piercing has been placed, they may interfere with speech, can affect chewing and swallowing, crack fillings and damage teeth.

If you do have an oral piercing, make sure your dentist checks your teeth regularly for damage to your teeth and gums. Your dentist or hygienist will also give you some tips to make sure that the piercing remains clean so to prevent infection.