Oral Hygiene Tips For Children With Different Abilities

Oral Hygiene Tips for Children With Different Abilities

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children with developmental disabilities are often at risk of acquiring dental problems due to several factors: frequent use of medicines high in sugar, dependence on a caregiver for oral hygiene routine, impaired salivary function, preference for carbohydrate-rich foods, a liquid or pureed diet, and oral aversions.

It is very important then to equip children who have a developmental disability with a good oral hygiene routine. It can be helpful for some children to be able to look at pictures that show the correct sequence of complex activities like teeth cleaning.

The National Museum of Dentistry in the US has developed some visual sequencing cards that parents can print out and use to help their kids learn and enjoy good oral hygiene. The brochure and cards were developed specifically for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: however, they would be a great way to introduce the habit of good oral care to any young child. They are also a great visual reminder for kids of any age.

You can download the visual sequencing cards here: http://www.healthysmilesforautism.org