New Season, New Toothbrush (And Banish The Shaggy Dog)

New Season, New Toothbrush

It’s a new season, and dentists and dental hygienists across Australia are reminding their patients and communities that it’s time to retire their current toothbrush and to replace it with a new one.

Have you ever wondered about the rationale behind the ‘New Season, New Toothbrush’ message? Does it really apply to everyone? And what about the folk who use electric toothbrushes?

New Season…

We are all encouraged to remember to change the batteries in our smoke alarms when Daylight Savings begins and ends (you do remember to do that, don’t you?).

The change of seasons is a useful way of remembering that, like batteries, our toothbrush heads don’t last forever and need to be replaced!

…New Toothbrush (Or Toothbrush Heads For Power Toothbrushes)

The Australian Dental Association recommends that you change your toothbrush every three months (unless the bristles start to get shaggy sooner). It doesn’t matter whether you use a manual or power toothbrush: after three months of twice-daily use, the bristles soften and bend and are no longer able to clean effectively.

We rely on the flexibility and integrity of the bristles to keep our teeth clean. While toothpaste delivers fluoride, a little detergent and a minty freshness, it can’t remove plaque by itself. Plaque is sticky and can build up in thick layers, so it needs to be physically removed with your brush (and floss!).

If your toothbrush bristles are shaggy, bent or damaged, your toothbrush can’t do its job. And this means that your dental health can suffer.

Do Shaggy Dogs Show Up Quickly In Your Bathroom?

Shaggy dog - New Season, New Toothbrush - And ban the Shaggy Dog from your bathroom

If your toothbrush becomes shaggy well before the three-month mark, speak to your dentist or hygienist. It’s possible you’re using an “overly-enthusiastic” brushing technique, which may be causing damage to your tooth enamel or gums as well as your toothbrush.

Our team will review your brushing technique and routine and show you how to be kinder to your gums and enamel without compromising the effectiveness of your brushing.

So whether it’s March 1, June 1, September 1 or December 1, add toothbrushes (or toothbrush heads) to your shopping list this week and banish all shaggy dogs from your bathroom!