Using the No-Drill Hall Technique To Fix Kids' Teeth

New Dental Technique For Children Minus Drilling

A recent trial of a drill-less dental technique may soon be the key to reducing dental fear amongst kids.

The technique, called “Hall technique” (named after Scottish dentist Dr Norna Hall who developed it), involves “placing a stainless steel crown over a baby molar tooth to seal the decay in”. The conventional method of removing decay involves drilling the tooth and placing a filling. With the Hall technique, the crown stays in place, “starving” the decay” and thereby stopping it or slowing it down, until the baby tooth falls out naturally.

While proven to be effective for nearly a hundred children during its clinical trial in New Zealand, the Hall technique still needs to be tested further. A larger clinical trial is planned to take place in New Zealand in the near future.

Read more about this interesting dental innovation here- this page also has a recording of an interview with one of the Dentists who is conducting this research: