Mums Of Newborns Urged To Join Study On Childhood Decay

Mums of Newborns Urged To Join A Study On How To Prevent Early Childhood Caries

The Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) Dental Health Week last year focused on children and teenagers’ oral health ( for a very good reason: alarming statistics show that half of Aussie kids have experienced tooth decay—something that is completely preventable!

In efforts to further the study on prevention of childhood caries, the University of Adelaide recently launched a campaign urging mothers of newborns to participate in a study that seeks to understand how tooth decay can be prevented in very young kids. Scientists will do so by recruiting nearly 2000 children from birth to 3 years of age.

“We believe that oral health should not be looked at in isolation from other factors in children’s lives, and that a combined preventive approach, targeting both oral health and general health conditions, could yield significantly greater benefits for children,” says Associate Professor Loc Do of University of Adelaide’s School of Dentistry.

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