Mothers’ Role In Caring For Their Children’s Oral Health

Mothers’ Role In Caring For Their Children’s Oral Health

May is all about Mums here at Corinna Dental Group as we explore some topics related to mothers and oral health care—theirs and that of their children.

From pregnancy to postnatal, a mother’s oral health is important not only because infection can be transferred from mums to infants but also because mothers are very often their children’s role model, coach and cheerleader when it comes to oral health care.

Mother and Kids Brushing

Aside from teaching children how to brush their teeth, mothers also often accompany their kids during dental visits. It is important then for mums to model positive attitudes, especially during her child’s first dental visit.

Speaking of mothers accompanying their children to dental visits, we’ve stumbled upon this study published in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry exploring the attitude of paediatric dentists regarding parental presence during dental visits.

According to this article, child cooperation during dental visits increased with the mother present during dental appointments and treatments.

Corinna Dental Group is a family dental practice so we encourage mums to accompany their children during dental visits. We also love to see Dads, Carers, grandparents, neighbours, siblings and anyone else important in your child’s life!