More Dental Health Videos for the Kids to Enjoy

More Dental Health Videos for Children

Last time, we featured an interesting video, “Teach Me How to Brushy”  by the Oregon Dental Association. (link to page) This time around, we are sharing another set of kid-friendly videos encouraging kids to brush teeth for a full two minutes.

Sponsored by more than 35 leading DentalAssociations, AdCouncil’s 2min2x public service oral health campaign features a series of two-minute videos to encourage kids to brush for two minutes, two times a day. The campaign aims to “motivate parents to take action to reduce their children’s risk of oral disease”.

During August’s Dental Health Week 2012, the Australian Dental Association reminded us that tooth decay is a preventable disease if parents ensure their kids know the basics of oral health care.

Here’s the link to the fun two-minute videos: