Dental Resolution No. 4: Consume Less Sugar

Dental Resolution No. 4: Consume Less Sugar

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Now that the merrymaking season is over, perhaps you’ve taken a look back at all the foods you’ve consumed during the holidays and have resolved to eat healthier foods this year.

As you do so, consider Dental Resolution No. 4: Consume Less Sugar.

How can you manage your sugar intake? First, you need to know which foods contain sugar- sometimes this isn’t apparent. For example, we would probably consider condiments like tomato and BBQ sauce to be savoury: in actual fact, they contain a great deal of sugar. One of the best ways to monitor how much sugar you are consuming is to read the label of foods you buy.

There are also websites that can help you to identify the quantity of sugar contained in foods and drinks: for example, the Rethink Sugary Drinks site has this great chart that shows how much sugar is contained in some of the most popular beverages on the Australian market.