Dental Resolution #1- Maintaining The Brushing Habit

Maintaining The Brushing Habit

Happy New Year! Are you one of those people who start the year with a list of resolutions?

One of the top things people resolve to do better as the year starts is to take better care of their health—to stop smoking, eat healthy foods, exercise more often.

As we celebrate the arrival of the new year we’re sharing 7 Dental Health Resolutions that you might consider adding to your list, starting with Dental Resolution No. 1:  Brushing Twice A Day.

This is a simple health activity that is effective in preventing dental disease but that is often overlooked. It is surprising that many Australians only spend 30 seconds or less to brush their teeth, according to last year’s Dental Health Week campaign materials by the Australian Dental Association.

The first recommended Dental Health Resolution for 2013 is to Maintain The Brushing Habit: image shows mother ahelping two young children to brush

This four minutes a day is not just about preventing decay, gum disease, dull teeth and unpleasant odours: it can have a positive impact on your general health as well. We must remember that the links between oral health and overall health are strong  so it is important to take great care of one’s teeth. And by taking better care we mean maintaining the proper brushing habit—that is, brushing for full two minutes, two times a day.

So how do you maintain the brushing habit? For gadget junkies, there are apps available on the Internet to help you remember to brush your teeth, and teach you the proper way to do it.

For parents who want to instill the habit in their kids, activity sheets, games, hum-along-to tunes and other materials available to encourage children to brush. The key is to make it fun!  You can explore some resources we’ve discovered by looking at these pages on our website:

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Four minutes a day spent brushing your teeth thoroughly is a great investment in the dental and general health of your entire family!