Dental Resolution No. 5: Keeping Teeth Safe

Dental Resolution No. 5: Keeping Teeth Safe

Dental resolutions

Certain activities and habits expose our teeth to damages that may warrant a dental emergency visit. In 2014, resolve to be aware of these and to take measures to keep your teeth safe.

If you or your child is engaged in contact sports or any activity where a facial injury is possible, make sure you/he/she wears a mouthguard not only during the actual game but also during trainings.

Learn more about mouthguards here.

If you are in a habit of using your teeth as tools (such as to open packets, biting your fingernails, or holding pins, pens or nails between your teeth) it’s time to kick this habit now.

Think before you bite or chew on foods that are hard: ice, pork crackling, hard toffees, chop bones are a few of the many that might cause damage to your teeth or fillings.

Also, make sure to seek treatment if you clench or grind your teeth. Learn more about teeth grinding here.