Nutrition: Why Your Dental Team Isn't Just Concerned About Sugar

Nutrition: Why Your Dental Team Isn’t Just Concerned About Sugar

It’s National Nutrition Week.

When it comes to a discussion of nutrition, you might think your dental team is mostly concerned about the reduction or elimination of sugars and acids from your diet: things that can have a direct impact on the teeth themselves.

Fruits and veggies in heart tape

While this is important (and we’re not planning to stop reminding people about this any time soon), we know that good nutrition is so much more!

Good nutrition is all about ensuring that your body gets everything it needs to be healthy, function optimally and to fend off disease. A diet that ticks all these boxes should allow you to enjoy good general and dental health.

This great flyer from the Ontario Dental Hygienists’ Association has an information panel that shows the impact that specific nutrients (or lack of them) can have on dental and oral health.