Is Smokeless Tobacco The Lesser Evil?

Is Smokeless Tobacco The Lesser Evil?

Just because a tobacco substance is smokeless doesn’t mean it has no risk.

The Oral Cancer Foundation recently reprinted an article about a cancer-causing chemical found in different forms of smokeless tobacco.  The substance, called (S)-NNN, is part of the family of nitrosamines, which is  also a substance found  in beer and bacon. Researchers said that “nitrosamine levels in smokeless tobacco are far higher than in food”.

According to the article, “researchers fed rats a low dose of two forms of chemicals found in smokeless tobacco for 17 months. The doses were about equivalent to a person who used half a tin of smokeless tobacco every day for 30 years. (S)-NNN seemed to cause large numbers of oral and oesophageal tumors in the rats, the study shows”.

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